Apsara Herbals Plus Massage Oil

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Useful for old joint pain, back pain, body aches, headaches and sprains.


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Apsara herbals have a range of massage oils made with the herbs and oils. The combinations of herbs and oils give all the benefits to the users. This massage oil is the best option for you if you are facing any kind of back pain, joint pain, and body pain.  


Key Features: 

1. Paraben-free. 

2. This Massage Oil helps to prevent migraines and headaches. 

3. If you or someone else facing the problem of paralysis then the use of Kalonji massage oil will help to get better soon. 

4. If you are a Hemorrhoids patient then you can use this oil to massage.

5. If you are facing tooth-related problems then gently massage the affected area for good results.  


Apsara herbals plus Massage Oil is set up with a combination of a few spices which help diminish and treat a few sicknesses normally. This oil has against oxidant, mitigating, hostile to push, against ligament, pain-relieving, and muscle relaxant properties. It additionally improves blood flow level in the muscles and joints, decreases feelings of anxiety and body torment. It can fix skin harm by lessening oxidant pressure. At the point when kneaded correctly, it helps in soothing fits, throbs, and muscle torment.

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4 reviews for Apsara Herbals Plus Massage Oil

  1. mominfurquan

    Good for body massage

  2. Kennethnef

    Good oil for body pain

  3. WallaceCup

    I have been suffering from bad back & arthritis for a decade. I tried several pain relief ointments but as soon as the effects of the ointments go away my pain worsens.
    I tried this oil as it is completely Ayurvedic with high-quality ingredients and it relieves my pain.

  4. Jameshek

    good oil for body massage

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