Apsara Herbals Kalonji Oil ( Black Seed Oil )

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It is a 100% pure oil that is useful to treat many ailments such as diabetes, skin disease, stomach upset, digestion, increased heart and brain strength and weight loss.


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With only a couple of drops of our 100% pure kalonji oil, you’ll appreciate a mind-boggling number of advantages it can bring to your face, skin, and hair. A characteristic arrangement going back several years, kalonji oil sustains profound into the skin with anti-bacterial, calming, and against contagious properties that treat even drawn out skin illnesses. Several benefits to treat from head to toe-perfect for a wide range of skin and hair, kalonji oil is known as the marvellous natural hair and skin fix oil. The broad rundown of employments for this profoundly saturating oil incorporates: 

1. Hair growth

2. Repairing split ends

3. Fading fine lines and wrinkles

4. Treating acne

5. Healing unsightly scars

6. Moisturizing dry/brittle nails 


Top-notch, nutrient-rich, and natural – know what you’re putting on your skin and body. Never bargain when the greatest regular oil is accessible today. Apsara herbals kalonji oil is plentiful in fundamental unsaturated fats, vitamin e, cell reinforcements, and hostile to inflammatory properties that work to blur almost negligible differences and wrinkles, treat skin inflammation, advance hair development, mend scars and stretch imprints and profoundly hydrate skin.

Try this best kalonji oil for body massage and get relief from all your stress as well as pain.

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5 reviews for Apsara Herbals Kalonji Oil ( Black Seed Oil )

  1. Furkan Momin

    good for health

  2. kenal


  3. Abdullah Sk

    The Apsara Kalonji Oil is very Good for Health, It is very good for heart diseases. Highly Recommended.

  4. shashi.m.jadhav68


  5. Asghar momin

    Best quality ، Apsra Herbals,OIL,

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